The fastest site loading speeds for your visitors coming from U.S.A., Canada and even Latin America

In case your resource–demanding multimedia sites are going to be made chiefly for users from U.S.A., Canada or Latin America, then our US based datacenter can provide the optimal virtual hosting service for your needs. The Colohouse data center is situated in downtown Chicago and serves a few of the most significant telecom providers in the USA. It offers complete redundancy in network connectivity and power that is why it’s simply irreplaceable for hosting your demanding web sites and web applications.

Making use of the US Based VPS Servers option is easy. Simply select the setup you’d like, picking out from a variety of VPS solutions on our website after which pick the US based datacenter on the order form. Our administrators will set up the server for you at the US based datacenter free and will also be on–site 24x7 to guarantee a 99.9% network uptime. Furthermore, they will perform weekly off–site backups of your own VPS to ensure your data is kept risk–free constantly.

Other US Hosting Services

The Virtual Private Servers aren’t the only hosting option offered in our US based datacenter. There you will also find cloud hosting plans, semi–dedicated servers as well as dedicated servers.

The US Based Cloud Hosting solution can be a fanatastic choice for any personal blog, portfolio site and fairly popular web–store. The cloud hosting packs include a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, a totally free domain name registration and the absolutely for free Online Control Panel.

Our US Based Semi-dedicated Servers are suitable for individuals who would like something more powerful compared to cloud hosting package, and don’t desire to deal with any kind of server management duties. The semi–dedicated servers include large CPU usage and MySQL database space quotas, which makes them a perfect alternative for CPU–intensive websites.

The US Based Dedicated Servers are definitely the crème de la crème web hosting service. By using an entire server you can use, you are able to host almost any web site or web application, from a mailing script for your email campaigns to the company website with a huge number of regular monthly viewers. The dedicated servers are protected by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee in addition to a 24/7 technical support service.